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VegetationLink offers a specialised brokerage service to enable permit holders and developers to quickly and efficiently identify suitable native vegetation credits to meet their planning permit offset requirements

VegetationLink is an accredited Bushbroker Organisation and Over the Counter provider with the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning  (DELWP) and also administers credit trades in collaboration with Trust for Nature. We have been facilitating native vegetation credit trading since 2006, and have completed many trades across a range of bioregions, ranging in size from less than 0.1 habitat hectares through to many tens of habitat hectares and hundreds of trees.

All permits to clear native vegetation are subject to the provision of an appropriate native vegetation offset. Most clearance of vegetation will require a “General Offset” which is effectively any vegetation in the same catchment management area that meets the minimum offset standards. Some vegetation clearance will require a “specific offset” where there is deemed to be a significant impact on threatened species habitat. A specific offset must provide habitat for the threatened species(s) impacted by the loss. 

VegetationLink represent landowners across all CMA regions who can provide GENERAL Biodiversity offset units as well as a wide range of SPECIFIC threatened species offset units

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Call the office on 03 5470 5232 or email offsets@vegetationlink.com.au with all your offset enquires!